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IF ANYONE knows the title of this movie that was on FEARNET ondemand 2010...HELP!

It has been irritating and painstaking looking for the title of this movie which I saw only once, as the title states, on fearnet on demand in 2010. If anyone can help me, It would be more than greatly appreciated...but I won't get my hopes up. So this movie centers around this red, crystal like drug. The drug is then melted, and a red mist is formed and inhaled. After whoever participates inhales this red mist, they are transported to an alternate dimension, it's like a black and white forest, where there's a handsome guy or girl who waits for you.
amandak.petray - 05/14/2014 - 6:22am - 3 comments

More movies!

Lately is just repeats and come on guys stop with the crappy movies and start showing some real horror movies...where is jason freddy halloween chucky hellraiser Etc really good ol horror movies Its start showing it then..Im a fan but kinda getting disappointed here : / Just my opinion new around dont want to look mean or rude: 0)
TampaBayJ - 08/13/2013 - 3:53am - 1 comment

What's going on with these movies on FearNet???

Hey I love "seeing" a horror movie like the rest of you, but what I don't like is reading them!!! Last month and this month a good portion of the movies are not in English. Most are in Japanese and a couple are in, I think, Russian. Like I said, I like the movies, but can't we get movies with English doubded<sp?> in? I don't care if the mouth doesn't go with the words, but at least we can watch the show and not miss anything by reading the subtitles. Everything else is ok, and I'm just happy the network is back on U-Verse again.  Thanks FearNet!!! 

MRROK01 - 08/03/2013 - 12:01pm - 13 comments


Try and catch this great, underrated Brit film. DONT BE IN SUCH A HURRY, lol. Starts off as a crime caper kinda comedy. Looks are VERY deceiving. LOVE this little flick. Check it out on the FEARnet channel. If you dont have the channel, find it and check it out.

HELLFIGHTER - 06/08/2013 - 3:08am - 2 comments

What is this movie?

Hello FearNetters. I humbly come before you to pick your brains on a movie I had seen in 2012 before. Lower budget horror film of your typical "woods cabin" scenario. In this movie the antagonist was a towering woman in shredded clothing and long mangy hair who's face you did not see. She was believed to be an inbred who lived in the woods or something and slaughtered anyone who came on her turf. Other than that all I remember is the climax (potential spoilers).

selachi60 - 05/06/2013 - 3:10pm - 0 comments

CANT REMEMBER asylum movie UGH

I barely remember this it had to have been 2009 or 2010 there was a movie on fearnet about some kids that crash their car and wander into a hospital that appears to be open but is all decrepit and rundown.  They wander around a bit and see a doctor and maybe a nurse and I just remember the one scene where the doctor has the pretty girl stting on a bed not restrained.  It was kind of like Wrong Turn 4, but not.  I believe a cop shows up and gets killed.  It had some generic name.  I liked this movie alot.

TheFatedHour - 12/05/2012 - 3:04am - 6 comments

classic japanese monster movies

Growing up i was a monster movie freak be it hammer horror,universal classics or 50's sci-fi.But my favorite genre with in a genre was the japanese monster movie.Godzilla,Gamera,Mothra ect.the charm of these movie couldn't be matched.It was great to be home on a holiday from school and there would be a marathon of these movies on.These movies may be dated but that's the charm of watching them today,the nostalgia of my childhood and there still fun to watch.There is a fan base for these flix,just pickup a copy of g-fan magazine dedicated to these movies or idw's Godzilla comic,even famous
zombieheadache - 09/09/2012 - 1:08pm - 3 comments


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