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Why do you love the horror !?

I have been brought up on the stuff , I haven't had it thrown down my throat but was introduced to it from an early Age , 80's horror was my decade and the likes of the thing , American werewolf in london and the shining have pretty much stuck with me till this day!

there is really nothing more fitting than getting a good horror out and dimming the lights cracking a cold beer and seeing what envelopes in front of u 


there's so much more but I want to hear from u 




so tell me why do you love the horror?


thecarpenter666 - 02/02/2014 - 1:43pm - 36 comments

A quick introduction

Hi everyone.

I'm Paul.

While I'm joining FearNET mainly because I've just worked on and released something you might dig, I've been a fan of the genre as long as I can remember. 

The first horror movie that scared the pissy shit out of me was The Gate (I was six and the man in the wall was my undoing) and the only two horror movies that have really affected me in a while have been In The Mouth Of Madness (love me some Lovecraft) and Sinister (more the sounds than the sights).

Just wanted to say hi.

paul_guyet - 01/28/2014 - 6:10pm - 5 comments

Name That Horror Movie! Help!

Yeah, I'm one of those people.... I have a plot stuck in my head and can't remember the name of the movie. Can anyone help? I believe the movie is pretty new, say within the last five years. It's about this group of punks that accosts this guy and his "wife" and steals their car. They find a girl in the trunk and she tells them that the guy is actually a serial killer. And guess what, now he's after them for messing with his plans. Title? Any good?

Thanks for saving my sanity. (such as it is)



Lore Soong - 01/03/2014 - 5:20pm - 4 comments

Stephen King's IT remake?

So I heard a WHILE ago that there was an IT remake in the works and I was BEYOND fucking excited because thats one of my FAVE horror movies and now I havent heard a damn thing about whats going on with it so I was wondering does any one know anything about this?

TrinityFire213 - 12/24/2013 - 2:31pm - 24 comments

Best zombie flick

For me it's a big toss up between the dawn of the dead remake with Ving rhames , 28 days , and the horde !

in first place 


the horde I fookin love this movie so much so I have started to learn French 


second place goes to 


dawn of the dead remake it's just got everything I want from a good action horror movie 

And last but by no means least 


28 days cause this really was the beginning of the running zombie for me 


there is the rec movies but I would place them forth what's yours !!!


thecarpenter666 - 12/23/2013 - 12:04pm - 80 comments


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