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First Scary movie

I'm talking about the first movie you saw that scared the pants off you.

Mine was the Manitou, lets just say that I thought the 300 year old Indian medicine man was in my room. And I didnt make it to the bathroom to throw up that night.

Well my mom never let me watch scary movies with her after that.

Kirp24 - 11/02/2006 - 6:19am - 229 comments

Exorcist: The Beginning vs. Dominion

If you don't know the story, the original version (Dominion) was scrapped after shooting because it wasn't bloody enough for the production company. So, they kept the same cast (for the most part) rewrote and reshot, then released it as Exorcist: The Beginning. That movie didn't do as well as excpected, and they already had another movie on hand (Dominion) so they then released that about a year later.

43percentBURNT - 11/01/2006 - 11:04pm - 16 comments

Serial Killers

Let's get an unofficial vote on who was the most brutal serial killer our time. Just to make this fair (and not a loooooong drawn out thread where everyone is trying to be historically accurate), let's limit the candidates to the following criteria:

Must be from the 20th or 21st Century

Must meet the FBI official number of kills to be considered a serial killer (three or more kills on separate occasions - sorry Mr Gein, but you've only got 2 verified kills)

*Must be a real person, not from a horror movie

skib0o0o - 11/01/2006 - 10:54pm - 69 comments


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