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Long black hair, creepy kids, and balls mysteriously bouncing down the stairs…you know the drill!

Trying to remember a movie. Please help!


I saw a part of this movie about 5 years ago.  I could have confused the plot or filled in the mising pieces subconciously so bare with me.

It may be a feature film (i'm pretty sure it is) but it could have also been a short on a compilation featuring new asian horror directors.  I don't remember if it was Korean or Japanese or whatever but I think it was Japanese.

lisasays - 04/07/2010 - 10:59pm - 4 comments

Anybody ever see these two films?


Don't have time for a lengthy review but happened to get to watch two movies that have aired on cable called The Vampire Effect and Princess Aurora.  Both were pretty good for free entertainment.

The Vampire Effect was more or less a slightly comical love story between a vampire prince and a vamp hunter in training during the year 2046.  These European vamps are killing all the princes and the vamp prince that's still around is like the last of his kind to retain his essence etc.  Jackie Chan plays a couple short parts in this flick.

spookyboo - 11/13/2009 - 7:28pm - 7 comments

Blood: The Last Vampire


Got myself a Korean DVD (probably bootleg) of this live-action film based on the Production I.G. animated short. I loved the anime, so I was really hoping to like this new movie. I have to say, as biased as I was, I really enjoyed it! It was shot mostly in English, and the large cast of American actors playing the inhabitants of the U.S. Army base in the movie were actually decent actors, instead of the usual Godzilla-movie-bad variety. The film did a good job of taking the promising beginning that the anime gave and creating a larger story from it without getting too confusing.

MethRattle - 10/01/2009 - 9:53pm - 5 comments

is there a kungfu flick with zombies in it ??


i was just wondering this because it sounds like a great movie idea, people fighting zombies but not with guns or any other weapons just kungfu skills, like zombies attack a kungfu school in a remote location and the masters and the students have only their kungfu skills to defend themselves, so anyone heard of a movie like that ???? if so please let me know. 'peace'

GHOULISH - 09/05/2009 - 5:04am - 11 comments

asian HORROR question


why dont they have zombie kungfu movies ??? uuuuugghhhaaaahhh that means, i'm the master of zombie style,,,,,, hot asian girls getting naked and zombie fighting and biting sounds awesome to me i'd call it the search for the undead master,,,,,, MUWHOHAHAHA

GHOULISH - 07/22/2009 - 7:11am - 5 comments

Apartment 1303


Recently watched Apartment 1303.  It was decent but I must admit, nothing new. . it was the same old same old that I've seen in most Asian Horror Films. .

Basically a young woman's younger sister goes to live in an apartment only to commit suicide, and once the older sister starts investigating, she finds out her sister was not the only one. .

HatchetGirl - 06/21/2009 - 6:12am - 2 comments

Asian horror vs. American horror


Ok, to say the least asian horror has been kicking our ass in the genre for a long time. all we do to counteract it is remake all there movies using the same directors. The sad part is the asian version is always better but we keep on doing it. where has originality gone? In the 1980's we had amazing horror films, cheesy yes, gore filled yes, great, fuck yeah. where have we gone since then? Remake after remake.  Does the grudge need 2 sequals just because some asian director did them first?  NO. The only thing Sam Rami has done in horror lately is make asian film remakes so what the hell.

odead1 - 05/08/2009 - 8:38pm - 31 comments

Ju-On 3 & 4 and Grudge 3


Any information on these new films. I know they'll have new directors and actors, since those originally involved are moving on, but I'd still like to know more.

SirDeuce - 04/26/2009 - 1:59pm - 1 comment

anyone know what this movie is?


I was watching lat enight TV a loooong time ago and this Japanese movie came on, it was about this guy who lived on a house boat in the middle of a lake with a bunch of other house boats, the one defining point I remember was him swallowing a fishing hook and pulling it back up ripping his throat up, any thoughts?

gollybass - 04/24/2009 - 5:59am - 1 comment


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