The boob tube has never been so horrifyingly scary!



Was a good show...

needed more than 3 seasons...

Acidburn2769 - 11/02/2006 - 4:49am - 2 comments



not really scary, per say but one of my favorite sci-fi shows ever!

heroine - 11/02/2006 - 4:45am - 36 comments



ok you gotta love wes craven all those think he should make a show 4 tv post here and show the man hes the True Master Of Horror

Kruger - 11/02/2006 - 2:00am - 4 comments



the x files is one of my favorites on television its not that scary so you can watch it with chickenshits....

Kruger - 11/02/2006 - 1:56am - 43 comments

Boris Karloffs quotThrillerquot series from the 60s...


I recently read somewhere that a few episodes from this 3 year series had some of the scariest made for tv episodes ever seen. Unfortunately, I've only had the priviledge of seeing one episode called, "The Hungry Glass" starring William Shatner, years ago. I remember it being quite effective in the creepiness department. The one I hear everybody talk about is "Pigeons From Hell." I think Stephen King himself said it was the scariest tv episode he's ever seen.

I've got to track these bad boys down...looks like there were 63 or so episodes all together.

Room 27 - 11/02/2006 - 12:01am - 4 comments

The Twilight Zone


This is one of the creepiest shows on television. Every episode is fresh and freaky. Sure its a little old, but it never loses it's touch. The theme is one of the best. Classic!

avenger2690 - 11/01/2006 - 11:10pm - 32 comments

A Haunting


This is a pretty descent show. Reinactments of peoples real life encounters with the paranormal. I beleive it is on the Discovery channel, Thursday nights 10pm eastern.

Jadedexile - 11/01/2006 - 2:16pm - 8 comments

MTVs Fear


IDK about everyone else but I miss this show, setup or not, Fear was very entertaining.

Young Ice 2006 - 11/01/2006 - 1:27pm - 5 comments

Dark Shadows


I remember watching reruns of this as a kid with my mom. Such a cool idea. I'm amazed with the goth culture and the popularity of Anne Rice (before she took her Jesus LSD) that someone hasn't tried this again. I'd imagine Angel was the closest to it because it actually tried to be serious and dark, but it's still not a soap opera with ongoing plots.

TheMorrigan - 11/01/2006 - 1:15pm - 28 comments


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