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The Innkeepers - Behind the Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at the making of The Innkeepers with producer Larry Fessenden, director Ti West, and stars Sara Paxton and Pat Healy, all of whom are featured in this DVD bonus clip.

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The Moth Diaries - Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of director Mary Harron's The Moth Diaries. Now available to watch on SundanceNOW, Cable VOD, Amazon Streaming, iTunes and XBox Zune.

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Fright Night - Behind the Scenes

What's the best way to approach a terrifying situation? The stars of Fright Night tell us with it's with a sense of humor.

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Trick r' Treat: Back to School - Behind the Scenes

Writer-director Mike Dougherty gives FEARnet an exclusive look at the making of his latest Trick ‘r Treat short, Back to School.In Back to School, little Sam prepares for the worst day of every kid

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Ted Raimi's Morbid Minutes - Behind the Scenes

Writer-director Ted Raimi invites FEARnet on to the set of his Morbid Minutes, and talks about his plans for the new horror anthology web series on"I wanted to do a horror anthology

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