Dark Oracle - Trapped

After a toad is kissed it turns into an attractive man, Omen. Omen plans revenge on Doyle, and when Omen arrives at school, his beautiful looks attract Cally.

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The Real Ghostbusters - Take Two

The Ghostbusters travel to Hollywood to help with a movie about themselves. To their surprise, a spirit lives within the studio and the Ghostbusters are unprepared to fight it.

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Tales From The Cryptkeeper - Cave Man

On his birthday, Peter wants to spend time with his father. Peter's father, however, will not be home because he has to work at the museum on a caveman exhibit.

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Tales From The Cryptkeeper - Nature

Through a magical magnifying glass, young brothers Teddy and Rick shrink down to the size of the ants that they were just killing. The tiny boys intelligently befriend the ants.

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