Eerie, Indiana - Who's Who

When Marshall's stolen bicycle mysteriously reappears after Sara Bob signs her drawing of it, she realizes that she can change reality with her pictures, and sets about creating the perfect f

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Dark Oracle - Trapped

After a toad is kissed it turns into an attractive man, Omen. Omen plans revenge on Doyle, and when Omen arrives at school, his beautiful looks attract Cally.

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The Real Ghostbusters - Take Two

The Ghostbusters travel to Hollywood to help with a movie about themselves. To their surprise, a spirit lives within the studio and the Ghostbusters are unprepared to fight it.

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Tales From The Cryptkeeper - Cave Man

On his birthday, Peter wants to spend time with his father. Peter's father, however, will not be home because he has to work at the museum on a caveman exhibit.

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Tales From The Cryptkeeper - Nature

Through a magical magnifying glass, young brothers Teddy and Rick shrink down to the size of the ants that they were just killing. The tiny boys intelligently befriend the ants.

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