Saw VI - 'Carousel' clip

Who knew that Jigsaw had a stake in the Health Care debate? In this preview clip, he puts a half dozen insurance bureaucrats into one of his deadly traps. In theaters October 23.

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Midnight Movie Clip

In this clip from Midnight Movie theatergoers are shocked to discover that sometimes art imitates life when a horror movie screening turns to chaos.

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Whiteout - 'Attack' Clip

Nothing helps pass the time at a remote arctic research station like a little vodka, a little Russian music...and a killer with a pickaxe. Whiteout hits theaters September 11.

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Bad Ronald - Clip

Creepy 70's TV movie makes its way to DVD about a boy named Ronald terrorizing a family from a secret room in the house.

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Fear Clinic – Director's Trailer

Director Robert Hall pulls out all the stops in this first Fear Clinic trailer.  The original online series starring Robert Englund, Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder premieres on FEARnet this Octobe

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