Tales of Terror: The Bride

Directed by Hirohisa Sasaki.  A man, left alone for the evening in his apartment, is assaulted by ghosts, one of whom may or may not be his dead wife.

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Tales of Terror: Ghost House

Directed by Hirohisa Sasaki.  School girls plan to videotape their excursion into an apparently haunted house.

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Tales of Terror: The Men in Black

Directed by Keisuke Toyoshima.  Kid takes pictures of something bad, goes missing; kid's friend, who has the roll of film, gets harassed by strange men.

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Tales of Terror: Shadows Sitting By Their Feet

Directed by Noboru Iguchi (‘The Machine Girl’).  Insomnia keeps a teenage girl awake long enough to watch those clichéd long hair ghosts appear in a hotel room shared by the girl's friends

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Tales of Terror: Red Tricycle

Directed by Ryuta Miyake.  A woman's attempts to dispose of a childhood toy are thwarted by its puzzling return.

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Tales of Terror: Copy Machine

Directed by Masaya Kakei.  Schoolgirls discover a copy machine with frightening supernatural properties.

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