Fantastic Fest 2012 - Wake in Fright

Fantastic Fest 2012 screened a very rare, once-lost, now-restored print of 1971's Wake in Fright, a brutal tale of personal degredation set in the Australian outback.

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Fantastic Fest 2012 - Antiviral

I think it is safe to say that one of the most anticipated genre films of the year is Antiviral, the body-horror / rumination on celebrity directorial debut from Brandon Cronenberg

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Fantastic Fest 2012 - Here Comes the Devil

While at Fantastic Fest, we sat with writer/director Adrian Garcia Bogliano and actors Francisco Barreiro and Laura Caro to talk about their new evil kids film, Here Comes the

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Welcome to the Blumhouse of Horrors

Looking for a different kind of haunted house this Halloween? Try the Blumhouse of Horrors in Downtown Los Angeles. Producer Jason Blum promises a wholly original haunt in our event preview.

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Fantastic Fest 2012 - Dredd 3D

FEARnet was on the red carpet at Fantastic Fest to interview Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby from Dredd 3D - the goriest comic book movie of all time.

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