Exclusive Interview - John 5

FEARnet paid a visit to Rob Zombie's lead guitarist John 5 to talk about his creepy score for "The Lords of Salem," his work on Rob's latest album, and much more.

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Exclusive Interview - White Collar Sideshow

It's hard to describe the style of this macabre, hard-rocking musical troupe in mere words – so we just decided to go straight the source and ask them what it's all about, including

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Exclusive Interview - Unearth

We caught up with Massachusetts metallers Unearth to talk about their creative influences, their "Darkness in the Light" tour, and all the horror flicks they like to watch on the road.

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Dawn of Ashes - Exclusive Interview

Extreme metallers Dawn of Ashes dropped by FEARnet's headquarters to talk about their upcoming album “Anathema" and the influence of horror on their dangerously intense music.

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Brian Kroll - "Flight Deck"

Christmas dinner for a family of creepy puppets goes horribly wrong in this deranged clip – featuring chainsaws, explosions, do-it-yourself shock therapy and one seriously twisted holiday t

Chris Connors - 12/20/2013 - 2:00pm - 0 comments

OHM - When Robots F**k

Vancouver's ultra-dark electro band Öhm, the brainchild of industrial icons Chris Peterson & Craig Joseph Huxtable, have just released their self-titled debut album...

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Wrath of Killenstein - St. 7000

Extreme horror metal band Wrath of Killenstein returns to FEARnet for the World Premiere of their latest visual offering, inspired by occult-themed exploitation flicks from the '60s and '

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Exclusive Interview - Audrey Napoleon

We got to chat with L.A.'s famed “Underground Pop” artist about her creative inspirations, her spooky new fashion line and an upcoming blood-drenched music video.

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