Idle Hands trailer

A 17-year-old burnout wakes up to find his parents decapitated. And his right hand is controlled by Satan who's using it to kill his best friends.

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The Unnamable trailer

What do you call a creature from the 1800's who delights in stalking and tearing the limbs off a group of sex crazed college students? It's a tough question. Hence the name of the film.

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Seven Days To Live trailer

You've heard of a dream house? This is a nightmare house. In 1976, they found a traumatized man inside next to the corpse of his wife. Now, 23 years later, a new couple moves in.

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Cold Prey trailer

When their friend breaks his leg, far from their ride home, snowboarders are forced to take shelter in a creepy abandoned hotel. But it turns out, the inn isn't all vacant.

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Jack Frost 2 trailer

Jack's back! After defeating the mutant killer snowman Jack Frost, the Sheriff and his deputies take a much-deserved vacation in the Tropics.

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Ginger Snaps Back trailer

If you've seen the first two Ginger Snaps films, you know, Bridget's a werewolf. What you may not know is how she got that way.

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The Devil's Rejects trailer

If you saw Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses" you know the Firefly family. They are the most evil, sadistic group of killers you'll ever meet.

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Single White Female 2 trailer

Betrayed at work, cheated on by her man, a woman moves to a new apartment to start over. But her mousy roommate becomes obsessed with her, and has a plan: To help her new bff heal.

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