Madhouse trailer

A psychiatric intern unearths dark horrible secrets at the mental hospital where he works, among them a ghost boy, knife-wielding homicidal maniacs and his hot nubile boss.

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The Grudge 2 trailer

Rage runs in the family. A young woman falls victim to the same curse that afflicted her sister, an evil force which fills a person with ferocious anger, before spreading to its next victim.

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Death Machine trailer

The new CEO of a weapons manufacturer learns her company is secretly developing the ultimate killing machine: a half-man, half-machine that tracks its victims by sensing fear.

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Dolan's Cadillac trailer

When a woman witnesses a multiple murder in the desert, she is hunted and killed by a vicious gangster and his crew.

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Pulse trailer

What if all of our wireless technologies were controlled from a world beyond our own? And what if that world wasn’t so nice and they used our gadgets to terrorize us?

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Trick 'r Treat trailer

Four interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: A principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin may meet the guy for her; teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who hates the ni

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REC 2 trailer

In a quarantined building, a doctor and a SWAT team try to get a blood sample from an infected girl to develop an antidote.

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REC trailer

Discovering a deadly presence in an apartment building, armed troops trap a local news crew inside. Their camera is running, but the videotape may be the only thing that survives.

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