Red White & Blue - Trailer

Amanda Fuller and Noah Taylor star in director Simon Rumley’s follow-up to The Living and the Dead. Available on IFC On Demand.

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Primal - Trailer #2

This expanded trailer for the Aussie fright flick is even more brutal, bloody and, well, primal. Available on IFC On Demand. For more, go to

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The Roommate - Trailer

Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) goes off her meds and makes life hell for freshman roomie Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights). Coming February 2011.

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Hatchet II - Unrated Trailer

This would have been a "red band" trailer but director Adam Green turned his back on the MPAA to release this slasher sequel uncut and uncompromised.

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Saw 3D - Trailer 2

The trailer for the latest (and allegedly final) chapter of the Saw franchise warns that if you go to the theater and strap on the 3D glasses, expect things to fly/reach out of the screen and ac

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Altitude - Trailer

Something up in the air is out to get a rookie pilot and her four teen passengers. Aliens? Hallucinations? C'thulhu?

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Hatchet II - Teaser Trailer

Victor Crowley lives again, with filmmaker Adam Green promising wilder kills and way more blood in this unrated sequel, in theaters October 1.

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The Experiment - Trailer

Volunteers for a psychological experiment are randomly assigned to play the roles of convicts and guards in a prison simulation that for some ultimately becomes all too real.

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Case 39 - Trailer

Rene Zellweger plays a hard working social worker committed to rescuing a 10 year-old girl from her dangerous parents...

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