The Rite - Trailer

'The Exorcist' Blu-ray have you hankering for more priest-on-demon action?

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Shadow - Trailer

The trailer for the latest on-demand offering from IFC Midnight offers a nice little bait and switch. At first you think this Italian import is a Deliverance-style city vs. rural showdown.

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And Soon The Darkness - Trailer

A trip to Argentina turns into a waking nightmare as American tourist Stephanie (Amber Heard) must find and rescue her abducted friend before night falls. In theaters December 17.

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Paranormal Activity 2 - Trailer #2

The sequel to last year's surprise horror hit ups the ante with a bigger house and a bigger family to haunt. Ghost + baby = creepy, without fail. In theaters Midnight October 21.

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High Lane - Trailer

A group of friends, a mountain-climbing trip, a suspension bridge – what could possibly go wrong? Available on IFC On Demand.

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