Saw VI – Trailer #2

As the man says, if it's Halloween, it must be Saw.  This trailer reveals a rather sickly looking but still breathing Jigsaw running his victims through his latest round of death traps.  In th

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Psych 9 - Trailer

A decommissioned hospital becomes a waking nightmare for a young woman with a troubled past. With Sara Foster, Cary Elwes and Michael Biehn.

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Shutter Island - Trailer

"Do you know what fear does to the mind?" As it happens we do, and we love it, which is why we’re stoked Scorsese’s back in the thriller business for the first time since Cape Fear.

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Primal - Trailer

We first got a glimpse of this giddily gory Aussie flick in a teaser trailer posted for last year's Cannes fest.

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The Final - Trailer

A group of high school outcasts get revenge on the students that torment them. Part of the After Dark Horrorfest 4

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The Reeds - Trailer

A weekend boating party turns into a nightmare for a group of young Londoners when they stumble upon a terrifying secret hidden in the reeds. Part of the After Dark Horrorfest 4.

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Hidden - Trailer

19 years ago KK ran away from his cruel mother and her creepy house in the woods. Now she's dead and he's back to settle a dark and deadly legacy. Part of After Dark Horrorfest 4.

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Triangle – Trailer

An afternoon boat trip near Bermuda turns into a waking nightmare when Jess and her friends are trapped on a mysteriously abandoned ocean liner. Available on DVD and Blu-ray February 2, 2010.

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Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic - Trailer

Follow Dante Alighieri into the 9 Circles of Hell in 'Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic' hitting store shelves on February 9th day-and-date with Visceral Games new Dante's Infer

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