Daybreakers - Trailer

What's a vampire to do when the human population nears extinction? and farm every remaining human, or find a blood substitute before time runs out.

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The Wolfman – Trailer #2

The first trailer for Universal’s upcoming Wolfman reboot harkened back to the ‘30s original with a stately pace and an emphasis on plot and character.

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Forget Me Not - Trailer

Sandy just graduated high school. Her whole life is in front of her. Too bad the dead friends she forgot are right behind...

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Saw: The Video Game Trailer

Play as Detective David Tapp and see if you can outwit Jigsaw and his traps in Saw: The Video Game available now for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Splatterhouse Video Game Trailer

Check out the trailer for the next gen version of the classic Sega Genesis horror game Splatterhouse. Play it in 2010.

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Hunger – Trailer

What happens when you mix mad social experiments with violence and dungeon imprisonment?  No, not the latest redesign of Facebook.  You get Hunger, an independent horror feature from director Steve

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The Fourth Kind - Trailer

There are four kinds of alien encounters.  You may recall the third kind from Steven Spielberg's movie, with organ music and shipload of friendly aliens.

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