'The Bleeding' - Behind the Scenes Makeup & Effects

Go behind the scenes with Michael Matthias, Kat Von D, and DMX and check out the makeup & effects from the upcoming vampire action/thriller The Bleeding. Anchor Bay Entertainment will release The Bleeding on DVD on March 1st.Shawn Black (Michael Matthias) knows pain. His parents and brother were killed in front of him. Beaten, bloodied and left for dead by a gang of ruthless vampires led by the charismatic Cain (Vinnie Jones) and his lethal lieutenant Vanya (Kat Von D). But like his would-be murderers, Shawn has come back from the brink of death to take his revenge. He soon comes upon Reverend Roy (Michael Madsen), who reveals to Shawn his calling as a "slayer," the only human capable of truly destroying vampires.