Exclusive Clip: 'The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia' DVD Special Feature

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia hits DVD and blu-ray on April 16th, and we have an exclusive special feature clip for you to enjoy. The real-life Ghosts subjects, the Wyricks, talk about their hereditary special gift. Other special features on the disc include audio commentary tracks, deleted scenes, and a bloopers reel.

Building on the terror of The Haunting in Connecticut, this horrifying tale traces a young family’s nightmarish descent into a centuries-old Southern hell.  When Andy Wyrick moves his wife Lisa (Spencer) and daughter Heidi to a historic home in Georgia, they quickly discover they are not the house’s only inhabitants.  Joined by Lisa’s free-spirited sister, Joyce the family soon comes face-to-face with a bone-chilling mystery born of a deranged desire…a haunting secret rising from underground and threatening to bring down anyone in its path.