'Hatchet II' Storyboard to Scene Exclusive Video

In this FEARnet-exclusive DVD extra, we get to see a side-by-side comparison of the original storyboards and finished "death of Jack Cracker" scene from Adam Green's 'Hatchet II.' Jack, played by FX veteran John Carl Buechler, meets an especially brutal end at the hands of Kane Hodder's Crowley.The film stars some of the most iconic names in horror including Hodder ('Friday the 13th'), Tony Todd ('Candyman'), Tom Holland (Director of 'Child's Play'), R.A. Mihailoff (aka Leatherface) and scream queen Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie's 'Halloween,' 'Stake Land'). 'Hatchet II' Unrated Director's Cut arrives on Blu-ray and DVD February 1.