Penumbra -- Interviews

FEARnet speaks with writer-director Adrian Garcia Bogliano and producers Andrea Quiroz and Horacio Mentasti about their Spanish-language thriller Penumbra. Coming soon from IFC Midnight.Marga, a high-powered lawyer from Spain is spending a few months in Argentina working on her company's interests in the country. Today, she managed to make a free spot on her tight work schedule to show an apartment she has inherited, but Jorge Kepler -the realtor- shows up very late. She's about to cancel the meeting, but the money that the realtor offers is way too tempting. The catch is that the deal must be signed immediately; they just must wait half an hour for the buyer to show up. Marga puts her work appointments on hold for awhile in order to get the money.
Soon enough Victoria, Jorge's supervisor, shows up in the apartment to supervise the transaction. In the meantime, Marga has to handle via cell phone the delay of her working appointments, and some attempts at backstabbing by her own coworkers. Making things worse, she has an altercation with a homeless man from the rough and tumble neighborhood who is warning everyone about the full eclipse that is expected to happen. Increasingly worried about her own personal and professional issues, Marga fails to notice the strange behavior of Victoria and Jorge, who are now joined by two more associates of their company. Time flies by and the buyer is still nowhere to be seen.
By the time Marga discovers that the realtors are not who they are supposed to be, she desperately looks for Encarnacion, an elder and kind neighbor, who is unable to save her from the trap that the realtors prepared for her.