Re-Animator: The Musical - Jesse Merlin and Graham Skipper

The stars of Re-Animator: The Musical, Jesse Merlin (Dr. Hill) and Graham Skiller (Herbert West) perform a number from their acclaimed reinterpretation of Stuart Gordon's classic cult film. At the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles thru August 14, 2011.Book by Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon, and William J. Norris. Adapted from the stories by H.P. Lovecraft. Based on the film H.P. Lovcraft's Re-Animator. Produced by Brian Yuzna. Music and lyrics by Mark Nutter. Produced by Dean Schramm and Stuart Gordon. Directed by Stuart Gordon. With Harry Murphy, Rachel Avery, Mark Beltzman, Cynthia Carle, Brian Gillespie, Marlon Grace, Liesel Hanson, Chris L. McKenna, Jesse Merlin and Graham Skipper.