The Shrine - Trailer

A search for a missing person turns supernatural and satanic in this IFC Midnight thriller starring Shawn Ashmore (The Ruins), CIndy Sampson, Trevor Matthews and Meghan Heffern. Available on VOD from IFC Midnight via Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Time Warner, and Bright House starting July 15th.After a young American backpacker goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists link his disappearance to a remote village in Poland called Alwainia. They travel there hoping to get the story, but as they begin to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious village, they are suddenly pursued by hostile locals. As the town closes in on them, they find themselves becoming the next victims of ritualistic human sacrifice. Forced into the gruesome reality of true survival horror, the journalists soon discover that Alwainia hides a much darker secret than they could ever imagine.