Tales from Beyond the Pale -- 'Man on the Ledge' Behind the Scenes

Get a sneak peek with star Vincent D'Onofrio at the making of the audio play "Man on the Ledge" from Tales from Beyond the Pale. Available as individual CDs, a 5 disc box set, and as digital downloads on Amazon and iTunes beginning October 11, 2011.A man reflects on his life – and imminent death – while perched on a ledge overlooking Manhattan. Through a series of surprising reveals, what beings as a touching soliloquy on human fraility slowly devolves into a psychotic screed as our ledge-dweller's misdeeds are slowly brought to light. Starring Vincent D'Onofrio as The Man on the ledge with Larry Fessenden as Bill Coley, the officer charged with talking him down. Featuring John Spredakos, Nick Damici and Greg Amici.