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Halloween in NYC



Halloween in NYCWorking in the horror industry, Halloween is the most holy of days.  It’s the day we all look forward to and plan all year long.  Typically Kane does a big event somewhere, but this year, we were in the heat of promoting Unmasked, so we left Arizona and headed to New York City!  We didn’t have any actual events planned, but we had a ton of interviews and promotions we’d be doing that our great publicist, Tonya, had set up.

Having lived in NYC for over six years, I was excited to visit my favorite city.  It has been a few years since I moved out, and though I visit on a regular basis to see shows and for meetings, it had been some time since I stayed in the city for more than a day.  The best part was, we were staying in Times Square, right above the notorious island Kane once stood as Jason in Friday the 13th Part 8.

In our suites at the Doubletree, Kane and I settled in and took a break as the next day was Halloween and was full of scheduled interviews.  Kane called it an early night and got room service, while I threw on a jacket and headed out into the city to visit my favorite areas.  While true New Yorkers like to say they hate Times Square and rather visit the Village or some other hip area, I have always loved spending time where the ball drops every year.  Yes, its chock full of crazy tourists, but that is part of the fun.  As a writer, I love walking around the city and watching everyone, seeing their faces in awe as they look around the area they had seen in a million movies.  And being a big kid myself, I love the thousands of lights and signs and odd street performers.  As I walked around that night, I bumped right into one of those performers dressed as… you guessed it, Jason Voorhees… Kane’s Jason from Part 7.  I snapped a picture and texted it to Kane, who was sleeping and did not respond.

After a few hours I went back to my room and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t.  Not sure if it was the excitement of being back in the place I consider my home or if it was nerves, but for some reason, I got up at two in the morning and went for another walk.  There is just something incredibly magical about Times Square in the middle of the night.  The crowds are gone, but the lights are still blaring.  It's peaceful, yet eerie being in a place that is typically so jammed packed when it only has a few people walking around.  Taking a seat in the middle island, the same exact island Kane stood on years ago, in a film I watched a hundred times as a kid, I thought about how I never thought I’d live in NYC.  Let alone that I’d be spending a few days in the big apple with the man I watched terrorize it so many times.  I smiled and held back some tears as I was so proud and happy at where my life had taken me.

The next morning, or more so, a few hours later, Kane and I were in the lobby at 5:00 a.m. to meet Tonya.  Pulling out her folder of info for appearances, we groggily followed her into a taxi and headed uptown to do a local morning talk show.  Of course local in NYC means a viewership of millions, not a few thousand like a regular local channel.  After several security checks, we were whisked into the back halls of a studio, Kane thrown into a make-up room and Tonya and I sitting in a waiting area.  A few minutes later, Kane was on the air, talking to the hosts.  An even quicker few minutes later, we were rushing out the backdoors to head off to another interview.  When we walked through the nondescript doors, I was surprised to see there was a group of about ten people standing there.  At first I thought they were just smokers blocking our way.  Then I noticed none of them had cigarettes in their hands, as they were full of pictures of Kane.  How they had any clue Kane was going to be on the show or what door he would come out of, boggles my mind.  Kane was so impressed himself he quickly signed each item as Tonya got a cab and urged us to hurry up…we had a national interview to get to.