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FEARnet strives to deliver the best online experience possible to as diverse an audience as possible. However, we have found that a few users have experienced problems viewing our website. Some tips if you are having problems:

  • Always make sure you have the most up to date browser. FEARnet works best with Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome, and Safari.
  • JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled. FEARnet is a very interactive experience and uses Javascript and Cookies extensively.
  • Update your Flash Player. FEARnet requires a minimum of Flash 9.0.28 for video playback.


Video Playback

FEARnet is the premiere site for horror, thriller and suspense video online, including new FREE movies every Monday and Thursday. FEARnet also features exclusive original series, movie trailers, and exclusive scenes from soon-to-be released films. All of that content and you don't have to pay a dime, give up your first born, or perform any strange cultish rituals!


Broadband speeds vary depending on region and many internet packages offer various ranges of speeds. First, run an internet speed test at http://www.speedtest.net/. To provide you with the best detail possible, our videos are encoded at multiple data rates ranging from 300kbs to 1.7mbs. If your connection speed is slower, you may experience jerky video playback.

There are factors which will affect your speed online, which may help with stuttering with video:

  • Check that no other downloads, uploads, or torrents are running on your computer and your network. Downloads and uploads take up bandwidth which are not able to be allocated to the player.
  • VOIP and Vonage can cause interruptions in video playback. VOIP services like Skype and Vonage use the same bandwidth videos played on FEARnet will use and can cause laggy playback or a halt in video playback.
  • Reduce the number of videos being played. Viewing more than one FEARnet video or videos played on other sites can cause problems due to shared buffer sizes; it is recommended that you view attempt to view only one video at a time.
  • Try a "wired" connection. Wi-fi speeds are determined by distance and can be affected by blocking walls. Shared connections can also pose a problem, as the more people using your Wi-Fi network will take their share of your network speed.

Geo Filtering

FEARnet licenses movies and other content from a variety of distributors. In some cases, distributors restrict our use to visitors viewing us from within the United States. This is true of most of our movies and series. When possible, we remove filtering so that videos may be viewed worldwide. This is most commonly the case for our interviews and other news-related clips.

Age Verification

To protect our users, we occasionally ask for age verification for programming not appropriate for younger viewers. The age limits for video content is determined by the studio providing the video content and not FEARnet.

Troubleshooting Video Playback

If you are having trouble viewing videos, FEARnet recommends the following:


  • Turn on/off hardware acceleration. Depending on your computer set up some users may find that hardware acceleration does not work properly with your video card. To turn off Video Acceleration right click the video player, click settings, check/uncheck the "Enable hardware acceleration" checkbox.
  • Turn off your Ad Blocker. While we do not intend to intentionally block users using ad blocking software, our videos are integrated with our advertising and may not function properly if the advertising is blocked. We ask that you create an exception in your software to allow advertising on the FEARnet.com domain.
  • Ping FEARnet's video server. Ping measures the speed a response from the video server takes to get from your computer to the server and back again. You should expect a maximum response time of 50ms. To run a ping:
    • Windows: Open a command prompt and type in:
      ping fearnetfs.fplive.net
    • Mac OSX: Click the Hard Drive Icon, open the Applications folder, open the Utilities folder, and open the Network Utility program. Open the ping tab, and type "fearnetfs.fplive.net" in the hostname box and press Enter.
  • Traceroute your connection to FEARnet. If pinging the server gave you a poor response time, it is possible that a traceroute can show how many "hops" it takes to get from your PC to FEARnet's video service. If you have more than 12 hops, this is a likely cause of slow response time and can unfortunately only be fixed by your ISP. To run a traceroute:
    • Windows: Open a command prompt and type in:
      tracert fearnetfs.fplive.net
    • Mac OSX: Click the Hard Drive Icon, open the Applications folder, open the Utilities folder, and open the Network Utility program. Open the traceroute tab, and type "fearnetfs.fplive.net" in the hostname box and press Enter.

FEARnet Community

FEARnet Community Account

Creating a user on the FEARnet community gives you the full FEARnet experience. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited commenting on FEARnet content. Think a movie is awesome? Have you seen that actress in another movie? Tell others what you really think, but only if you are part of our collective.
  • The FEARnet newsletter. We regularly inform our members about upcoming videos, and features exclusive to FEARnet. You won't find stuff like this anywhere else.
  • Join the masses talking on our message board. Our message boards are known for their frank discussions on all things horror. If you want the real deal on the latest horror movie, our forums have got it.

Community Age Verification

Our community only allows users over the age of 13 due to COPPA guidelines. More information at:


FREE Movies on FEARnet

FEARnet offers movies at no cost to users on the FEARnet.com site as well as most On Demand cable services.

Why aren't you showing <insert movie here> anymore?

Why don't you have <insert movie here>?

While we would love to show every horror movie, not every title is available to us. We diligently work to get the very best horror movies and get them into your browsers and television sets as often as possible. Is there a title we haven't shown yet that you think we should feature? Or one we used to have that you'd like to see brought back? Let us know at webmaster@fearnet.com


Embedding Content

We allow many of our videos to be embedded on other websites so that you can put them on your personal pages or share them via the web with your friends. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer embeddable code for some of our content, including most of our movies. For videos that permit embedding, look for the "get code" link. Click it, follow the prompts, and share away!


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