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Salem Trials: Part Three



The second day in Salem we had some fun planned, a bit of a break from the tour. Besides being the setting for the classic novel, The Crucible, and the location of Rob Zombie’s upcoming film, Lords of Salem, everyone knows Salem for its famous witch trials in the 1600s. While many accused witches were brutally killed to “prove” they were evil, the town has embraced its witchy theme. Cop cars have a witch as a logo, the high school team is “The Witches” and there is even an elementary school called, Witch Craft Heights (young Potter fans must love going there). Of course the local tourism is all about this mythical theme with countless stores, museums and other attractions all tied to witch craft or horror in general. While there were so many things to see, there was only one place Shawn and I wanted to go… back to Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery. 

Kane was on some business calls, so we headed over without him. James met us at the door and we talked for a bit. He then told us about the museum and let us in to explore. It was during the day, so to my relief, there were no actors hiding out to scare me. Within seconds of walking into the doors, I fell in love with the place. Not only was it a wax museum for those who love the dark, it was a full blown history lesson of horror films. There were figures from all the great horror movies; he even had full sculptures from horror gems of the golden era that most fans forget about. 

Within minutes, I was grabbing Shawn going on and on like a little kid, “look at this one, oh, look at this!!” I would bellow out. Shawn, being a film buff himself was enthralled at the classic creatures and actors the museum paid tribute to. There was even a room full of life masks of all the great actors who played horror movie legends. When I made our way to the end of the place, there stood a life size version of Kane’s Jason Voorhees, seeing that was a great realization as to why I was actually in town. While I wanted to kill him last night, it still blew my mind that I was on tour with the Kane Hodder. Instantly I flipped open my phone and called him, telling him he had to get his ass over here to check this amazing place out. 

Finishing the museum, we went back to the front and talked to James for a while as we waited for Kane. Shawn and I couldn’t talk more highly about his place, while James proudly nodded and told us about his plans and different things that have happened at the museum. Come to find out, Rob Zombie visited the place not long before we were there (and loved it so much he tweeted about it), James even showed us the picture. After a bit, Kane showed up and we once again went through the museum. When we got to the Jason figure, Kane was more than impressed. For me, it was really cool seeing Kane look at a version of himself; it almost brought a tear to my eye. 

Before we left, James gave us some t-shirts, which I still proudly wear to this day. In fact, James was so great to us, we have stayed in touch. Kane enjoyed it so much he even went back out to visit the location again to do another signing. Really, out of all the places I have been, Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery is probably the best “horror” related place I have ever seen. Hell, to all of us horror fans, Salem should be our Mecca, and if that is the case, then the Nightmare Gallery is the Vatican of horror locations.