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Analog Tape to Digital Download



So far, 2013 has shaped up to be a fascinating year in terms of distribution of the films I've directed.  For two decades, contracts with multiple distributors meant it was nearly impossible to find all of my movies in one place.  This is still the case, but at this particular bend in the snaky river, Savage Harvest (1995), Ice From The Sun (1999), Scrapbook (1999), Deadwood Park (2007), and Ratline (2011) are, for the first time ever, all available as digital downloads from one convenient spot.

The distribution river is unpredictable, however.  I've discussed with multiple distributors future homes for these films.  Because a deal that would disrupt today's waters is still being hashed out, I couldn't guess as to how long these movies will be available at the above link. 

Here's something I didn't see coming:  2013 has also brought my movies to good ol' fashioned VHS tape in the form of signed and numbered Limited Edition collector's releases.  Earlier this year, Scrapbook and Ice From The Sun hit analog tape (for the first time since their original releases on videocassette at the end of the 90s).  I scribbled my name across the VHS boxes.  DJ Vivona, one of the lead actors in Ice From The Sun, added his autograph to that box front.  Both Scrapbook and Ice From The Sun VHS releases sold out in just a few days.

The Ice From The Sun VHS came with the soundtrack CD, which is boiling over with that film's excellent industrial and punk rock tracks.  (You can test drive the Ice From The Sun soundtrack here.)

Ratline enjoyed a similar Limited Edition VHS release this past July 1st.  It came with a poster and soundtrack CD - which made me very happy, because the music in Ratline is top notch, and has never been released previously as a soundtrack compilation.  The excellent bands include Mankind Is Obsolete, Cindergarden, Marquis Of Vaudeville, and Kubrick.  This was Ratline's first time on VHS tape.  It sold out in 24 hours.

Another film of mine, China White Serpentine (2003) will get the Limited Edition VHS treatment this fall.  Rumor has it China White Serpentine will also come packaged with a soundtrack CD.  I'll be autographing the VHS cover, as will lead actors DJ Vivona and Eli DeGeer.  There is also scuttlebutt of my first film, Savage Harvest getting a similar VHS release before this year is up. 

It is definitely strange to be discussing with distributors potential Blu-ray and digital download deals, while also seeing my movies pop up on VHS - all within the same year!  Now I just need to work on a few Laserdisc releases... maybe put one of my films out on Betamax.

Thanks for reading.

- Eric Stanze