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Confessions of a Working Director - 11/28/2007


Eric Stanze, writer/director/producer/actor/owner of Wicked Pixel Cinema has been sending journal entries our way since September, providing us with a rare insight into the mind of a multi-talented genre filmmaker. Here is the latest in a series of entries dubbed Surviving Cinema: The Confessions of a Working Director.

This past summer and fall we were promoting our most recent releases DEADWOOD PARK and SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD. In the thick of attending horror conventions, doing interviews, and conducting the day-to-day business of running my production company, I was also working on my next screenplay.

DEADWOOD PARK has been getting really great reviews. Furthermore, the movie?s Best Feature and Best Cinematography wins at Orlando?s Freak Show Film Festival have turned some eyeballs our way. Thanks to all this positive attention, there are finally some people discussing decent financing options with us for our next feature. We?ve attracted the attention of certain ?name? actors, some overseas investors are becoming options for us, and the office of Wes Craven has requested a copy of DEADWOOD PARK.

I?ve positioned my production company to be open to any opportunities that come our way. If proper financing materializes, I?m willing to discuss making any movie in any genre. If the budget comes in for an ultra-gory exploding cannibal movie, I am open to discussing it. If the budget come in for a happy fuzzy talking bunny movie, I am open to discussing that too (but just between you ?n? me, I?d be more eager to make that first movie).

While any project at any budget level could be the one we greenlight next, I am making sure I have a screenplay of my own in development. If someone has the budget, but no story or screenplay, I want to be able to whip out a script and offer it up. I?ve been working on a new screenplay for the better part of this year (toiling on it in my few moments between marketing duties for DEADWOOD PARK and SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD). I won?t announce the title or other details just yet. But I?ve grown very excited about this script. I don?t NEED to make this movie next. But it sure would be cool. I finished the first draft yesterday. We?ve already started scouting locations, just so we know what our options are if we go into production on this thing as our next project.

Here is what I can tell you about this screenplay. It is extremely different from DEADWOOD PARK. It may not be as creepy and atmospheric as DEADWOOD PARK is. In contrast, it is more adrenaline-fueled, and much, much more violent. In terms of story, I believe it is on a par with DEADWOOD PARK in that it provides what horror fans want to see, while still telling a unique and engaging story with my own strange spin to it.

More info to come.

Thanks for reading.

Eric Stanze