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Confessions Of A Working Director - July 21, 2009


Ratline post-production is going very well and moving rather efficiently, given the million distractions I'm hit with each day.  And, thankfully, as I work my way through post-production, my enthusiasm for this movie keeps growing.

Half of the distractions I'm hit with each day involve trying to bring in money we've already earned.  I work very hard at what I do, as does the rest of the team here.  We consistently deliver what we promise to everyone we do business with.  A strong work ethic, meeting deadlines, delivering more than we are obligated to, and actually caring about the product we deliver...  these are everyday priorities here at Wicked Pixel Cinema, and they will continue to be. 

That's why it is so infuriating when the companies we do business with drag their feet in paying us, don't pay us at all, or in many other ways fail to deliver what they've promised to us. 

I just gotta remember that we're all likely to be in this industry for a long time.  Long term success will follow the man with the better reputation.  My business dealings with a shady company will last only a short time, but our reputations (his poor, mine excellent) will follow us long after.

Still, one day last week I showed up to Wicked Pixel Cinema to find that the electric had been shut off.  It seems a good reputation won't pay the utility bills.

It is important that you understand something.  Dealing with the big companies we work with is often a necessary risk.  But I have not survived as a filmmaker for nearly two decades because these risks often pay off.  Instead, I've survived because of horror fans. 

I have the rare opportunity to continue making movies only because there are a lot of horror film fans out there who support these movies.  Best Buy and Blockbuster have never ordered fifty thousand of our DVDs, and there has never been a multi-million dollar ad campaign behind one of our flicks.  When you are not in bed with the mega-corporate retailers, every single sale counts.  Each horror fan who has bought a movie of ours has contributed to our survival.  I do not take this for granted.  I appreciate it, and I am working very hard to make Ratline kick-ass, so that such support pays off for the fan, and not just for the filmmaker.  I require your support to keep my career going, and you deserve a passionate filmmaker who's gonna pour 100 percent effort into crafting the most entertaining, innovative, and uncompromised horror movie he can make.  I know it is an odd thing to hear a filmmaker say to the fans, but we really are all in this together.

While half of my distractions involve the unpleasantness of financial problems, the other distractions are of a positive nature.  In short, we are slowly shedding business partnerships that are dragging us down, and working hard to launch new partnerships that will, hopefully, advance everyone up a few notches.  I am forming new relationships on all levels in these pursuits.  I'm taking meetings with individuals who I think will be great additions to the Wicked Pixel Cinema team, and we are also in the early stages of forging relationships with bigger production and distribution companies.

One of the bigger distribution companies who we are happy to be working with now is VCI Entertainment.  They are not distributing any of our movies (yet) but we are scheming to deliver something very cool to all you new horror filmmakers out there.  Details are being finalized this month.  Keep checking this blog for a big announcement concerning a joint venture between Wicked Pixel Cinema, VCI Entertainment... and perhaps YOU!

Also last week, Jim Wayer, Gus Stevenson, Trevor Williams, and Jeremy Wallace finally solidified their plans to launch a new line of awesome Wicked Pixel Cinema merchandise.  They'll be doing this in partnership with the super-cool folks at, printing kick-ass designs on high quality American Apparel shirts.  Look for the first new t-shirt design to be unveiled next month.  More will follow.  This new line of merchandise will be presented via a brand new Wicked Pixel Cinema webstore that Jim is putting the final touches on right now.  And, of course, you'll also be able to find these designs at

Between financial calamities, forging new partnerships, fighting with people who owe us money, expanding the team, getting our electric shut off, launching new merch, creating a new webstore, and work on RATLINE, there is rarely a dull moment here at Wicked Pixel Cinema HQ.  We cannot be accused of lethargy, that's for sure.

Hey, before I go, please consider helping us out with Ratline.  Details here.

Whether you personally take part, or you pass the info on to a friend, we would be most grateful.

Thanks for reading.

Eric Stanze