Your Favorite Gore Scene?

Your Favorite Gore Scene?

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Mine was final destination 3 when that girl's head hits the nail gun and they go into her head

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High Tension when the mom gets her throat slit and it sprays all over the closet cuz it wasn't even a smooth cut it looked so real and to make it more real she is left lying on the floor trying to speak. I love it!

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Without knowing the special effects behind it, definitely the opening scene of Saw 2.

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In Dead Alive when the hero uses the lawnmower.

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was from dotd remake when theey were inside the truck and as soon as it flips, the guy with the chainsaw accidently cut the blonde girl in half. that was cool. another would be from intruder where the killer put the man's head through the meat slicer.

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Hostel 2-when the girl has her scalp accicdentally ripped off by the circular saw.

Dead ALive-Lawnmower baby!!!

Hellraiser-Uncle franks demise.

Jason goes to Hell-coitus interuptus with a fence post.

Inside-the ending, i won't spoil it for you, but it's good. 

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Dead Alive's lawnmower scene or the jaw-ripping scene in Automaton Transfusion.

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Day of the dead dude getting his head ripped off.

Eye gouging 28 weeks later

Girl blowing her brains out  in remake of Texas Chainsaw

dude getting ripped in half in day of the dead

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The most gory scene that I have come across is, and yes it is Final Destanation 3, where Lewis Romero is pumping the weights and is eventually has his head crushed between the heavy weights and blood flys in all directions, causing the small droplets of dark red blood to drool down the crystal white walls, horror on all faces, cut short by the two main characters not giving a damn and walking to their car, how nice.

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Final Destination 3: Nail Gun + Head= Priceless

Final Destination 2: Where the boy gets squished by the glass window (Ouch)

Ghost Ship: When the Captain loses half of his head in the begining scene

Cube: When the man gets chopped into a million pieces. Check It out ->

Silent Hill: When the womans skin gets ripped off of her


Death Proof: Car Crash! Check It Out ->

Thats Some :D


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glass pannel decapitation in the Omen

The Bed scene in Nightmare on Elm Street (thr original)

and the disembowment on Hannibal


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