Most Painful Ways to Die

Most Painful Ways to Die

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Okay, I was trying to make a list of the most painful ways to die, but I can't think of anything good.

Any ideas?

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I think being burned alive  would suck pretty bad. I've heard freezing to death isn't bad. You just go to sleep.

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getting your testicals chopped off, or maybe living to feel your eyes getting removed. That might hurt more than getting your insides ripped out and used as guitar strings >_<

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I think being eaten from the inside out by something foreign. Or being injected with bleach, lossing all control of your body functions

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well.....a  IMBREED disgusting fat toothless bald guy raping you......I would so puke and die.....and thats painful

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mentos kill u slow and painful

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add me everybody and get protected from mentos

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being bored to death

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i'm a GHOUL so i have only one weakness FIRE...LOL being burned is so painful you cant breathe and pass out in seconds,imagine the witches burned at the stake when the fires lite they scream a few times then they're dead. imagine the amount of pain that rushes threw you. its a quick death but nothings more painful then fire.

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Getting scalped with a dull bladed knife and having your face slowly peeled away from your skull inch by excrutiating inch until death. Now thats fucked up

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Tongue out


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