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I want to thank "who-ever" I don't remember where I read the thread about VERSUS being a great flick, but. OMG! You were so right! It is ARMY OF DARKNESS and KUNG FU HUSTLE with half a dozen Asian Bruce Campbells! I never laughed so hard in my life.. At first I thought it was serious 'cheese' but then.......... no spoilers here! Give a watch.

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this movie was great. this is what got me into asian horror.

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I agree, this was a great movie with all the ingredients.

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I watch that one quite a bit. Its a really good movie. Alot of times when I watch it with friends they end up borrowing it alot or asking where they can buy it.

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this movie was great. this is what got me into asian horror.

Me too.

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i found this film disapointing, when i brought it i was really buzzin to see it because it is directed by the same guy who directed aragami from the duel project but the film was to long............. 2 hours & to tounge in check but i think the next time i watch it i may enjoy it more because i wont be expecting something on the level of aragami

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