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This week I slipped and fell on the tile in the kitchen, slammed my finger (different than kitchen fall) and bruised up my fingernail, had no computer for 6 days (dead video card) and watching this movie was the 2nd worst thing that happened to me... it was THAT bad... at one point the 'ghost' (looked like a cardboard cutout) flew around like Superman (i'm serious). basically you start out thinking its going to be a horror movie... after about 30 mins you realize its not horror... then you think its going to be a mystery but about an hr in you realize its not really a mystery either... then it ends like a bad knock-off of the movie Pulse (the asian version). there is 1:44 mins of this crap... people being drowned in like 10 seconds in puddles of water (i kid you not).. and that is it... i love the majority of asian horror but this movie just sucked

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Hmm....I was about to go rent this since anything asian that shows up at blockbuster I usually grab and watch it. I'm probably still going to go ahead and grab it and get my own opinion. I'll post what I thought of it when I get the chance to watch it.

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Kiyoshi Kurosawa directed the classic Japanese KAIRO (recently remade as PULSE). It's a more firghtening film, with some great shock moments (but not gore), even if the plot goes off the rails towards the end. I'd recommend KAIRO over RETRIBUTION, even though I liked the mood of the latter.

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