New Asian horror films

New Asian horror films

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What new Asian horror films are you looking forward to watching?

I am looking forward to watching a film called X-Cross, which is about witchcraft,human sacrifices etc.

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I'm looking forward to Exte: Hair Extentions, and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni right now...I wish they woulde hurry up and get licensed...

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Me too on the Exte: Hair Extentions

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you guys can watch Exte: Hair Extensions on

that is if you guys haven't seen it yet.

i'm new here. =

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Me too on the Exte: Hair Extentions

Guys M new here, so help me to know you and this site...I love Horror movies...blood, satanic, vampire, werewolf kinda stuff. And I love listening Heavy Metal and Disturb.

Hope to hear from you soon....

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