Best of the early 80s

Best of the early 80s

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just to name a few (Just Before Dawn, The Fog, Motel Hell,Silent Scream) What others do you remember from that time. The movies then were so much better

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Friday the 13th had a few

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pumpkinhead and i agree better horror movies in the 80s must be because of the lack of computer tech that they had to make the special effects out of actual items

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Scanners, Phantasm (was '79 but I liked the sequels, too), Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elmstreet

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A lesser known movie that I really love is The Gate. Anyone seen that.

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taking a rest.

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Blood Beach and The Children are my jr high favs

The Gate... is that the one where the kids open the gate to hell and all these little demons things come out. Their wishes all become piles of poop...

that was another good one

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What about........

The Shining (Jack Nicholson)

Evil Dead


The Howling






Nightmare on Elm Street

Day of the Dead

Fright Night


Silver Bullet

Just to name a few !

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Didn't the SHINING drop about then?

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children of the corn.

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friday the 13th


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