The Deadly Mantis (1957)

The Deadly Mantis (1957)

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The Deadly Mantis is one of the 3 best-known of the "Giant Bug" movies from the 50's...THEM! & Tarantula being the other 2.

Although not as wildy popular as the previous two mentioned, The Deadly Mantis still makes for a good time and a great way to whittle away an hour or so.

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Too bad they didn't have Them vs. the deadly mantis or Tarantula vs. the deadly mantis. You get the idea. The 3 best giant bug films.

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anyone fond of 'The Black Scorpion'? Smile


If you mean director ROGER CORMANS BLACK SCORPION, she was boobalicious.,0,214,314_.jpg

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sorry hellfighter, we're not on the same page lol

I meant the Black Scorpion (1957) directed by Edward Ludwig(?) with some special effects by Willis O'Brien.

check out this trailer from imdb:


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