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One of the best pictures of it's time I have seen.Staring James Arness, James Witmore, and a cameo of Fess Parker.

Story about giant mutant ant's caused by the A-Bomb blast.

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This movie scared the crap out of me when I was a kid-I hate bugs!!It came on one of those Saturday afternoon Horror shows. Its also funny to see how we've changed through the years in the past a movie like this could give someone a heart attack---now we laugh at them

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I have always loved movies about giant mutant bugs! That is one of the first bug flicks I've seen. At the time i was fascinated by the appearance of the ants in the movie and how "alive" the director made them seem and how horrified the people were in the movie to see such monstrosities!

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probably the best of big bug movies

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One of the best pictures of it's time I have seen.Staring James Arness, James Witmore, and a cameo of Fess Parker.

Story about giant mutant ant's caused by the A-Bomb blast.

Don't forget the cameo by Leonard Nimoy!

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Great movie for it's time sacred the tar out of me when I was a kid the sound they made was soooo creepy. You can't go wrong with James Arness as a good guy!

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I have it and i love it , Watched 3 times already.seeyaCool

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Well nobody wants to hear it over and over from me But Them was th first horror movie I ever saw 1962 or 63..back then you did;nt get movies like that on the TV for horror you went to the drive-ins or downtown to the scared the living by jesus out of me I tried climbing the livingroom walls...then after I got over the intinal shock I could'nt get enough horror and by like 1965 turned into a real horror head and have'nt looked back since...nothings evre rocked me like my first what will give me a shiver today ..amuses me I said Them was the beginning of my horror adventure ride for all of these years....great topic.....Peace...Joe

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im pretty sure i saw it . there  were 2 giant ant movies i saw when i was little i guess the one was  THEM and the other one wasnt as good. leslie nielson was in it . the older movie was so much better  .  talk later

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Hey! I love the old B/W horror! I grew up on it. The funny thing about this topic is, earlier today, my grandson, he's 3 1/2, wanted to watch what he calls the "Big Buggie Movie'! We just watched 'Frogs', the bad movie from '72 (one of His faves). I have my kids watching the old horror movies, now I'm working on getting my grandkids into horror movies. After 'Them', he wanted to watch 'Gammera, The Invincible'. I must be doing my part! How many little kids would rather watch old B/W horror, than SpongeBob?        Later,           Kaboom

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WOW, you know, this was the very 1st horror/scifi movie I did see. When I was 6 years old, my parents went on a weekend get away, and I was stuck at the house with a nimrodic baby sitter.

She didnt really care what i was wacthing or in that fact doing either, So at 1 AM I believe it was the USA network, I watched "THEM" great movie. So started, a... sickness of horror and scfi movies.

I truly do love the classics, I.E. Frankenstein, bride, Creature from the balck lagoon, etc etc, Im 30, and I have just about 300 horror movies, I havent bought any in about 2 years.

I do thank you for this trip, Giant killer ants, now thats a freak show!!!!




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