Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary

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I think Stephen Kings Pet Semetary was great. That movie was great. The sequel was okay. The first was the best. Little Gage calling his father telling him that he wants to play with him now because he has already played with Judd and Mommy. And when Church scared Lous and dropped the rat in his tub. Anyone else agree. Stephen King has great ideas.

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i loved it!!!

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I absolutely love this movie. The DVD is a creepy experience.

Especially if ya have 5.1. You can hear the baby running and laughing behind you from one side of the room to the other.

Talk about looking over your shoulder!

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I agree with sleepawaycampvictim-Norma Crandall's character should have been in the movie-one of Stephen King's triumphs!-if you haven't read the book, you should-as always, the book is better! Long live black cats named Winston Churchill-Church for short!

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One of my faves...

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Pet Semetary was the best movie! My mom told me that it made her hold my hand anytime we went near a busy highway! WooHoo for good parenting!

Pet Sem II wasn't nearly as good as it could have been. I was upset the dog ate all the kittens. And it seemed more, gory than scary. Pet Sem scared me on many levels.

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Gage creed was definetly creepy as hell !!!I just could not stop laughing when gage fell backwards and hit his head against the door ! I can't be the only one who thought that was funny !

You're not.

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this movie is a great movie... the philosophy behind it is something that is rather left untouched. Whenever something dies, or is dead would you bring it back,, and for what? like an old relationship, or a old demon. bringing back the cat after its death is creepy

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Loved the movie too. My fave "character" was the cat. I will NEVER EVER bury a pet in the backyard!!!! To my way of thinking, the book was better. Practically all of Kings books were better than the movies. But Pet was probably the best movie.

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it's about time someone mentioned Zelda. She creeped me out so bad...still does. I saw this movie in a theatre at the tender age of 8 :-)

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i own it.



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