What movie scared you as a child?

What movie scared you as a child?

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I remember going to see SLEEPING BEAUTY as a child. When we got home that night, I was afraid that the evil queen was on top of our house as my dad pulled into the driveway. That movie really got to me!

Anyone else with memories to share?

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I saw IT when I was 5 as well as Poltergeist around the same time. I continue to fear clowns to this day.

This movie didn't bother me, but I read the book in like 5th grade, and that definately did. I took a wide berth around manholes and street drains for weeks.

I think the movie or maybe horror monster that really got to me when I was young was probably The original Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy freaked me out...I was 5 the first time I saw it though so maybe the age had something to do with it. Nowadays I'm Freddy fan and I love that movie.

Sometimes I still think about the little rhyme.

1, 2 freddy's comin for you

3, 4 Better lock the door

5, 6 Get a crucifix

7, 8 better say up late

9, 10 Never sleep again...

Remember the little girls that sang that?

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i would have to say Childen of the Corn i lived with a corn field right across the road in a small town. I would take the dog out to pee to the ditch next to the field. The day i saw that movie i was creeped out on windy days when the corn would sway back and forth. Still gives me the willies. lol

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Phantasm, plain and simple. I was 10 in 79 when I first saw this film and it........disturbed me. Wow did it ever!


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I have to agree with Phantasam, the original, those little silver balls always gave the creeps. But on the flip side it inspired me to work in the funeral service industry, go figure!!


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The movie that to this day still frightens would have to be The original Shining.The blood out of the doors,the twin girls.Incredible.I still smile and cringe at the sight of room 237.


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Believe it or not, my first memory of being really scared by a movie was when I first saw "The Wizard of Oz"...as adults, I think we can all really appreciate what a magnificent film it is...but when you're a little kid, there are a few parts of it that are scary as hell...


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The origanal house on haunted hill,when the creepy old lady floats across the floor,also plague of the zombies,those all white eyes creeped me out AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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"IT" scared me because I loved playing in the rain. Ghoulies scared me too, but only because they came out of the toliet. Sitting on the toliet as a kid that's something you don't want to imagine.


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As a kid the movie "IT" i saw it wen i was 4yrs old and the party when Pennywise opened his mouth real big wen he killed Richy freaked me the fuck out.......and the movie Carry right at the end wen that hand came up from the grave i had nightmares for weeks after that!


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the flying monkeys and the witch on Wizard of Oz.

The original Godzilla,

and those movies about prehistoric time where a giant lixard or turle or gila monster wants to eat teh furry clad cavepeople.



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