Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt

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What is your overall feeling of the series as a whole? Got a favorite episode?

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Love, love, love this series!

Got a couple favorite episodes:

-Came The Dawn: Brooke Shields along with Perry King in a nice little ode to "Psycho."

-Death Of Some Salesmen: Tim Curry steals the show in this episode where he plays multiple roles of a family that Ed Begley Jr. should have never tried to swaggle their money from.

-Maniac At Large: Blythe Danner playing a schizophrenic librarian with a serial killer on the lose.

-The New Arrival: David warner (of Omen fame) plays a radio psychologist who makes a house call for a mother who's called in and has a "special needs" child.

And my absolute favorite is:

-Mournin' Mess: Steven Webber plays a womanizing journalist who investigates the murders of homeless people...and traces it to the...well, just watch the episode.

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By the time I found this show it was running on CBS. My family had a sweet 13 inch that hardly got the channel in .... I would stay up late on Friday night on fuck with the rabbit ears to get a half way good picture ... always just in time to see the Crypt Keeper pop out of his box. Always made me jump Still LOVE that show to this day !

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I used to love this show, despite not getting to watch it that often. It was usually at my brother's place where they had HBO. I used to stay up and watch it with my sister-in-law and my two nephews. Even at 2, my youngest nephew loved the Crypt Keeper and used to imitate him popping up.

Some of my favorites were...


King of the Road


There were a couple others but I can't remember their titles right now.

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This is still my favorite show. Now owning all the seasons up to season four I can enjoy it anytime. The cryptkeeper was always so cute to me growing up and very funny.

My favorite episode is The Thing From The Grave

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the seasons of this show are one of the few things i put on my christmas list

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Apparently you are after my heart... first Creepshow now TFTC.

I love the show : I have all the HBO VHSs, all seven seasons on DVD, the hardcover library of the comics, singular comics, 11x13 color posters of every comic cover. All the Tales from the Cryptkeeper action figures including the two talking ones, the candlabra, childrens books adapted from the comics, all of the movies (TFTC 1972, Vault of Horror 1973, Demon Knight, Bordello of Blood, Ritual), The whole tales from the cryptkepper cartoon series, the making of the comic and show dvd, the book that tells the whole story from comic to the screen including an episode guide and the cover is upside down and backwards, Bordello of Blood soundtrack, Have yourself a Scary Little Christmas CD, theater ticket for Bordello, some action figures not in the box anymore, the recent 2010 8 volume collection of new comics. That might be it but I feel like something is missing. I sounded like Bubba talking about all the things your can do with shrimp

BUT TO FINALLY GET TO YOUR QUESTION... Forever Ambergris, People Who Drive in Glass Hearses, and Death of Some Salesman are my favorite episodes. I'm such a nerd for this show/comic

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wow so many to list, the switch, dead right, the thing from the grave, maniac at large it's just never ending!!!

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To be honest, I didn’t watch that show that much. I knew what it was, and I saw the movie spin offs, but I never caught any of the episodes. I was more interested in Tales from the Darkside and The Twilight Zone. That’s not that say I hate it, just wasn’t interested in it.


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