Your favorite music videos!

Your favorite music videos!

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What music videos do you dig?? List some! Here's some of mine:

Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz

Ass like dat by Eminem

Makedamnsure by taking back sunday

Big me by the Foo fighters

Paranoid android by Radiohead

Liar by the Rollins band

One by Metallica

to name a few! your turn!!


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i like legend by mika nakashima

the song isnt AMAZING but the vidio is SUPER FANTASTIC AMAZING

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slipknots spit it out ,the video was based on the shinning and it was pretty cool.

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Disturbed Land Of COnfusion .

What about the original Land of Confusion by Phil Collins? That music video freaks me out!

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Smells like teen spirit

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Make them Suffer- Cannibal Corpse

Smack My Bitch Up- The Prodigy

My Own Summer- Deftones

My Plague- Slipknot

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Right now I think Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats is hilarious. I'm not really even a country fan, but it just makes me laugh.

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insert the name of any video directed by Chris Cunningham here

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Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun. A pretty tripped out video all in all.

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Lithium- Evanescence

Anna molly- Incubus

Welcome 2 the jungle- Guns n' roses


that's it 4 now


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