Your favorite music videos!

Your favorite music videos!

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What music videos do you dig?? List some! Here's some of mine:

Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz

Ass like dat by Eminem

Makedamnsure by taking back sunday

Big me by the Foo fighters

Paranoid android by Radiohead

Liar by the Rollins band

One by Metallica

to name a few! your turn!!


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As of yesterday. A favorite music video that I have is Velvet Acid Christ's "Blood" video. It's on thier myspace page. Check it out. I encourage anyone. You don't have to be in that type of music. Just check out the video. You'll like it I GAROONTEE!

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I like "Wake Up" by Suicide Silence

"Battle Metal" by Turisas


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Wish I could figure out how to post it right, but Metallica playing Harvester Of Sorrow in Moscow from 91 is badass.


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