Creepshow (1982)

Creepshow (1982)

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Remember the roaches coming out of E.G. Marshall?

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I loved both 1 and 2 and the camp was part of thier charm. I don't know if a serious remake of these movies would work. I'm all for a third installment with contemporary writers and directors providing scripts and so forth but they can't lose sight of the fact these movies were based on the horror comics of the 1950's and so on. If the camp factor is lost, then it isn't a Creepshow.

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The roaches coming out the guys body was one of the best scenes in any horror movie I have ever seen.

what no caps lock proud of you

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An old classic! But the roaches were really coming out of who??

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The best freakin Steven King movie around. I enjoyed everything about this movie. Filled with a few mixed tales of various stories, there is something in this movie for everyone. An old movie, but definatley a classic.

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i want my cake!!!!!!!!

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I freak'n love Creepshow! I don't think it's particularly scary, creepy, but more funny than scary. Some of the F/X look fake by today's standards, but the dark humor and cast make up for that.

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I can't decide which is more hideous: the thing in the crate or Ed Harris dancing to a cheesy dico song!

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The 2 Creepshow movies are horror classics! The first one was much better than the second, though.

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I love this movie. It was a really good homage to Tales From The Crypt and basically all the stories were good but skip out on the sequel that movie sucks.

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seems campy now, but it totally scared the shit out of me when i was a little kid!


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