The Cable Guy (1996)

The Cable Guy (1996)

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The scariest movie ever!!!!! JK. Its really bad

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For everyone's information, this thread started because it was "reviewed" in the A to Z horror section. FEARnet lists this as a horror film. If you click on any of those movies and enter a comment, it will come here. Now everyone breathe...relax...let's don't get all nazi with the boards.

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this movie was horrible

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it was more of a dark comedy. but i think he was funnier in the ace ventura movies.

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This isn't a horror movie. It was good though. Has some horror elements I guess like a guy stalking another guy.

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great movie

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One of Jim Carry's best a nice dark comedy not really a horror movie

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again some people are like that but lovein this always

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Was this a horror movie. I don't think so try again.

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Not one of my favorite jim carry movies, but definitly one of the creepiest and chilling ones that he has ever done to date. I would be just kind of freaked out if my cable guy developed a not so normal liking to me. Just a little creeped out.

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What a great dark comedy!!!! I love it!!!


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