Silver Bullet (1985)

Silver Bullet (1985)

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I loved this movie. It is sooo creepy when the bad guy is a man of GOD. The kid being in a wheelchair just made it more intense and rooted for him even more. I love Gary Busey, so this is one of my favorite Stepehn King movies. Love werewolves!

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I was born this year

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its a cool movie

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who could'nt love this one yeah even me!

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This movie is one of those movies I could watch over and over again. SB just has that feel... never gets old.

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Classic. Still gives my husband the creeps.

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I like this movie alot. I was gonna buy it once at circuit city but they wanted way to much for it. Gary Busey is funny. And I think if the ever make a Preacher movie based on the comic (Which should never be done) they should get that priest/werewolf from this movie to play Jesse Custer. He looks identicle. Eye patch and all.

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A classic and cool effects from Carlo Rambaldi and a kick ass score from Jay Chattaway wow this great cast and effects pulled off a great time and solid entertainment...

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Awesome werewolf movie, and I generally don't care for them. Great adaptation of Stephen King.

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great movie. gary busey pretty much portrays his real life self.

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Can you imagine an uncle as cool as Busey??? Let's see Hey Unc there is this priest that turns into a werewolf...In this day anytime you mention the word PRIEST there's always a problem


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