the best elm street movie

the best elm street movie

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dream warriors was my fave

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That was my fav one too!

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The Best Elm Street Movie is the first one. But 'Dream Warriors' is definitely a close second. Some of the murder sequences were extremely creative, and the script really capitalized on the Freddy archetype established in the first picture. It should have been part two, because part two was poor. The first is an out and out classic though, and the best of the bunch. Its the best 'movie' or 'picture' Craven made in the series, and is the only classic horror picture in the series.

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Loved the first, like most movies, but dream warriors was kinda cool in the fact it gave us horror fans powers in our dreams. Cmon ya know we all daydream and fantasize!

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The first one.

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Definately the first one. Dream warriors is a close sceond. After that it was an uncohesive string of one-liners.

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Well like most movies. The first Elm street was the best. Then Dream Warriors was pretty damn cool also


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part 1 and new night mare

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A Nightmare On Elm Street and A New Nightmare are my favorites of the series.

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I'd have to go with the original.

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I loved the dream warriors not only a great movie but the soundtrack was good as well......


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