The Last House on the Left Review

The Last House on the Left Review

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What can I say...Superior...amazing...this movie will blow you away... it's not an award winner for dialogue, but it should be for everything else that is important for a straight up raunchy, diabolical, gore-fest/ rape revenge flick. For example, one of the most memorable lines is a rapist complaining that "the sex-crime business doesn't pay that well."...Wow!! bad line but what does it say about the mind set of the movie...exactly...not for the timid.

More than 30 years after being made, the film remains effectively disturbing and upsetting, simply because it portrays real people doing horrible things to other real people. note: Hallmark and Atlas International (distribution company) when they released the movie in Germany, attempted to pass it off as an actual "snuff" film (i.e. a real murder staged for the camera).

Wes Craven, whether intentionally or not, created a masterpiece of disturbing horror. And on his first try at that.

Blood, Guts, Rape, abuse, torture, penis biting, forced suicide, castration, pants wetting, and good ole disembowlment, and much much more kiddos...whew!

This is a must see...Whether you love it or hate it (Its like golf ...there is no in-between), you must admit that Last House on the Left is a powerful and important film (remember when it was made).

And by the way...TACOS ARE COOL!!

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Very disgusting and shocking movie about rape and torture!

This is a time in the 70s when Wes Craven could actually direct a decent horror movie!

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i liked it i thought it was better then the original

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i really liked this movie

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I also watched this film at a very young age, along with "I Spit On Your Grave". Both of these films really disturbed me when i was younger, but i must say, they will always hold a very special place in my heart. I thought the movie was amazing for the time. I agree with everyone that the way it was shot made it seem all too real. That was one thing that disturbed me, and still does to this day. The thing about it is, stuff like this happens all the time. You hear about it on the news all the time. Well I don't think the parents get ahold of the killers, but if they did i am sure they would do the same as the parents in this movie. This is a classic and i believe that it should be viewed atleast once.


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