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I have to say that I was really disappointed with Hostel. For some reason, I was expecting more. There were a lot of good things about the movie, but a lot that needed fixed. Everything was just too easy. Now I see that they are working on Hostel II. I hope they do a better job. Let me hear from you guys.....and girls. Was I wrong in my assessment of Hostel?

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Same It was ok to average by far not my favorite movie I even thought it could be better for sure however Its not the worst movie either . I have a copy so they succeded in there attempt lol .

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i dont think it is a bad movie

i just wish roth would have spent his time with story instead of sex

but all in alll i still liked it

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yeah it was alittle over raited but it had a great ending! How often do you get to see the bas guy get whats coming to him?

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i was prepared to be scared by this movie

and instead i was confused. i had to double

check the dvd because i thought i had got some

twisted porno. i hope hostel II is more about

fear and less about sex

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nowhere near as good as i thought it would be. got a few gorry parts though so that was kool.

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I just gave this movie a 2nd chance--and it was still a porno with some gore. And that eye thing--you can buy that on the halloween outlet.

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Yea, the eye scene was not lived up to what I heard. But the movie is called Hostel, what did you expect the lead up to the torture to be? I think it's all relative honestly. I think this is a well crafted movie.

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I just saw it. I don't know if it was "overhyped" upon it's release, maybe it was.

I thought it was good. It's a good horror flick because that s! could possibly be going on, somewhere, and it would scare the s#!^ out of you if it was happening to you!

It ain't an action pic if that's what you're expecting. And I liked it more than, say, "Silence of the Lambs," which is pretty much the same type of film.

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I thought Hostile Did not live up to my expetations but it was OK

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It was an o.k. movie but very overrated , they played it up to be so sick and so gory but it was nothing more than softcore porn with a little trickle of blood.


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