The Descent

The Descent

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I picked this dvd up last night. I forgot about some parts. Such a damn good movie. Truely messes with my fears of the darkness and claustrophobia that I may have. The extra stuff they have on the dvd is good.

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i really liked it it went back to the roots of a horror movie

it barely had any emotion i really liked the idea of they only have one goal and thats to get the hell out of there

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It was okay up till the end. The ending was just bad. It could have been so much better. That is just my opinion on the matter.

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I really liked this one, down in the dark all alone... Hell Yeah!

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I'm interested in this movie after reading many good things about it.

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ok movie, i'd watch it again.

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It was a good one-I waited for it to come out on DVD because I thought it would suck-I was wrong

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I just saw this movie after much anticipation. Yes, it's very good. The cave setting is scary in itself. I was startled three times, I think, which is good for my old self. LOL

It did take awhile for the crawlers to make their presence known and the first few conflict scenes were edited too quickly, ala an MTV music video. That's a no-no to me. BUT.... As the film went on the battle scenes were edited much better (i.e. longer) and the creatures got plenty of quality screen time.

I haven't viewed all the extra DVD stuff yet. I say that because I did not like the ending. Not sure if that was the American one or not. If it is, I can understand it not being well received. Maybe it is discussed in the extras??

Oh, well... I'll take another look at it and maybe pick up on stuff I may have missed and what that ending means.

just added Okay, I saw the DVD extras comments about the ending and he does explain it. I can live with that. I would have came up with something different, but what do I know about writing a screenplay? That's right..... Not a doggone thing!

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I got to see this movie last night and thought it was one of the best all-around horror flicks I've seen in a good while. I liked that we didn't have these women suddenly revert to stereotype and become panic-stricken, shrieking little girls!

I don't know if the ending was the original theatrical one or not (I assume it was), but I kind of like that then ending messed with your head a bit.

I'd definitely recommend this one. Not for those who get easily depressed, though!

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I was also very disappointed that they cut the original ending. I thought the original ending worked so well. Any ideas why they did the hatchet job?

I think they said it was to give it a lower rating for the younger viewers. It's a profit thing.

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Does anyone have both the U.S. and the U.K. release dvds? I picked up the UK dvd a couple of months ago, when the Descent was just about to hit theaters here. I was just curious as to what the different features were on the different releases.


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