The Descent

The Descent

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I picked this dvd up last night. I forgot about some parts. Such a damn good movie. Truely messes with my fears of the darkness and claustrophobia that I may have. The extra stuff they have on the dvd is good.

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good but seriously the book was so much better not that the movie was bad but i just think it shoulda not involved itself with the book for its got nothin on the storyline

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This movie rocked!! It scared the crap out of me.On a down note,they are making a sequel and the monsters look like shit.Undecided

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This was much better then I thought it would be... I live in Tennessee and I know about caves such as these  that you really don't want to go noseying around in... No, not me. No cave dwelling creatants gonna get their claws on me....And I do love the strong independent women...I thought this was a much better movie then The Cave. And the Cave had several known actors in it. They didn't help it though...

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i saw this one a while back...  it was alright.  the creatures kinda remind me of the incest people-monsters from the lovecraft based movie "the lurking fear."  i liked that aspect, and the end was alright in my point of view, too.  what confuses me is everyone keeps saying it was a different ending than the theater-released version, BUT NOONE WILL SAY WHAT THE F*IN DIFFERENCE IS!!!  everyones' askin, but noone will say anything!  i know, i know, we all have the ultimate power of google at the tips of our fingers, but i'm too lazy to open up another tab and go snooping around for my answers...  so would someone spill the beans?  if not, i'm sure i'll get over it...  but it would help if someone would explain themself instead of just inserting points of interest.

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I agree awesome awesome movie!  I really enjoyed it. 

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This movie rocks really creeped me out!!

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love this movie

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I also thought this was a great movie. Not only would it be scary as shit being down in caves like that with no idea where to go, but then you have to deal with those mean ass things. I was also a little confused about the ending. I also thought that the sequel was a decent watch, but why in the hell would they make that girl go back down in the caves. Oh well, I really enjoyed the first film and would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.


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